Pain: the Agony and the Elation

Pain is an accepted phenomenon of the human body. People who haven’t experienced any form of pain in their lives might be from another planet. Seriously, pain is important because it send a message to our brains indicating that all is not well. However, there are various kinds of pain, the good, the bad and the really serious. This latter type of pain is usually experienced when our bodies are suffering from a severe disease, which might require strong medication or an operation.

Bad pain is the type that can occur when we have digested something that doesn’t agree with us and we feel that our stomachs are going to dissolve. Toothache, depending on its intensity, might come under the bad pain category and is therefore a condition that requires urgent attention. However, good pain is associated with those aches we feel in our joints after a good exercise workout or after a session at an indoor sports Brisbane club such as the Salisbury Super Sports Centre. This doesn’t mean that we should ignore joint pain as it might be an indication that we are over-straining our muscles.

Before we begin any form of exercise, whether it is road running, team sports, aerobics or any kind of body workout, stretching is necessary in order to guard muscles and tendons from damage and to prepare them for some rigorous exercise. When you are next in a gym environment you will be amazed at the number of people who walk in and begin their workout regime without performing any stretching routine. They ignore the warnings that sudden and vigorous movements can bring on injuries and, at the very least, unexpected, agonising pain.

Stretching is not only central to general fitness; it also helps us to become more flexible. However, we must also take care whilst performing stretching exercises. Incorrect stretching can also cause problems. We get into the bad habit of stretching the same muscles and ignore others. For instance, we might stretch our long leg muscles but forget to work on our calves. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t stretch to the stage where we experience bad pain.

As stated previously, there is a difference between good pain and bad pain. Good pain tells us that we are increasing our fitness levels. The bad pain signals that we have taken our stretching to extremes. You will become tired either because you have overdone your exercises or you have pushed your personal best a little further. You should never become exhausted to the point where it becomes risky.

When you take part in games such as indoor soccer, ensure that you stretch before you begin and encourage your team members to do the same. A good warm-up will help to prevent any serious muscle injuries, which is something that you don’t want to experience.

If you do feel any type of pain that doesn’t feel ‘right’, you should contact a sports doctor as soon as possible.