Playing Safe During Sports : Avoiding Injuries

Playing a sport is a fun way of staying in shape and keeping your body running at its best, but some organised sports can put you at risk of injury. While some sport injuries can be unavoidable if caused by an accident, there are some that can be prevented through adopting measures to play it safe while playing sport.

Hydrate Sufficiently

No matter which sport you play, it is essential to maintain sufficient water intake in order to avoid dehydration. Water is an important element for the body to be able to regulate temperature, so dehydration, while playing or after playing sport, can be extremely dangerous as it can cause the body to overheat. Dehydration also causes less oxygen to be transported around the body so your performance can be adversely affected if you are not drinking enough water. At Salisbury Super Sports we encourage our players to have a water bottle handy all the time, so that they do not risk becoming dehydrated.

Wear the Right Gear

Wearing the right clothing is a really important part of looking after your body’s well-being, including wearing appropriate footwear. If you are wearing too many clothes it may cause your body to overheat and sweat more than it needs to, which will dehydrate you quicker. Conversely, if you are not wearing enough clothes it can make you cold and cause the body to work harder to warm you up. Choosing clothing that is appropriate for the game you are playing is another important part of avoiding injuries, including wearing the correct padding and safety protection if needed.

Know Your Limits

Being a hero might boost your ego initially, and get you five minutes of fame but this will be short-lived if you wear yourself out too early and perhaps injure yourself. Knowing your own limits is about appreciating where you are at right now, and being responsible for looking after your own wellbeing. If you are new to a game then allow your body time to acclimatise to the increased physical exercise and build your fitness gradually to avoid uncomfortable pulled muscles.

Treat Injuries

At Salisbury Super Sports we encourage you to let staff know if you have incurred an injury while playing sport, and injuries such as broken bones and concussions will need to be treated immediately by seeking professional medical attention. Injuries that are not so serious can be tackled by using the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.