Promoting Sports in the Workplace

Adults spend a great deal of their time at work. Thus, the workplace can be an effective setting to integrate sports and other physical activities. Fitness programmes at work can help employees who normally cannot find the time after office hours to do even a simple physical activity such as walking. Business owners must encourage health and wellness programmes in the workplace because studies have shown that these kinds of programmes benefit both the employees and the employers.

Benefits of a Physically Active Workforce

Promoting physical activity in the workplace provides the following benefits to employees:

  • Better fitness and health;
  • Enhanced productivity and morale;
  • Improved team spirit and job satisfaction;
  • Lower stress;
  • Improved communication and inter-personal relationship among employees; and
  • Improved concentration and mental sharpness

A major component of an effective health and wellness programme is sports. Sports have been known to contribute to healthy bones, muscles and joints; lower stress and aid in relaxation; reduce body fat and tone muscles; decrease the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer and diabetes; and improve co-ordination and balance.

Promoting indoor sports will ensure that employees will continue to enjoy their favourite sports throughout the year. Salisbury Super Sports offers indoor courts for cricket, netball, soccer, volleyball and handball. The graded competitions held regularly at the sport facility are designed to be enjoyed by all participants, from elite athletes to neophyte players. These courts are available for hire, including an umpire and all the required equipment. Salisbury Super Sports also hire the sports courts for birthday parties, team-building exercise and other fun events for friends and family. Different sports can be introduced into the workplace through tournaments or friendly games. The games can generally be held over several nights or weeks. It is vital to plan these games ahead of time by designating a group of people who will oversee the whole event.

Benefits of a Physically Fit Workforce for Employers

Instituting a health and wellness programme in the workplace also pays off for the employer. The benefits of a healthy and fit workforce for employers include reduced absenteeism and employee turnover; lower stress among staff; enhanced productivity and efficiency in the company as a whole; an improved corporate image; and better relations between management and staff.

It is important to enlist the support of management for any health and wellness initiative to be successful. All employees including management have the duty to establish a healthy work environment and promote healthy lifestyles.