Protecting yourself from the sun

When we were children, we were constantly being told to go and play outside in the fresh air and sunshine. The latest research, however, shows that the sun is not as good for us as we thought back then. Current stats show that 80% of all cancer cases in Australia are skin cancer and exposure to the sun is the major factor.

How to Protect our Children

How do you protect your children and yourself from the sun without being cooped up all day? You just need to be a little sun smart and you can still enjoy life and stay safe from the sun.

Staying indoors all day is not a solution but you do need to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. The sun is especially harmful when it’s at its highest point so try to stay indoors then.

Indoor sports are a great way for you and your family to still get the exercise you need and to stay out of the sun. Salisbury Super Sports have a brilliant indoor netball sports centre and other sports facilities to allow you to get in some fun and exercise out of the glare of the sun.

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If you are going out into the sun, make sure that you apply a sunscreen with a high SPF. Make sure to reapply every two hours or more often if you are swimming or sweating a lot.

Protective Clothing

A lot of clothing now comes with a built in SPF protection factor but if you cannot find these clothes, go for clothes that have a close weave such as cotton and linen.

Make sure that the clothes cover as much skin as possible and that the cloth is darker in colour – light clothes reflect the UV radiation onto the skin instead of absorbing it.

Don’t forget your hat – make sure it has a wide brim to properly protect the face, neck, ears and nose. Ensure that the weave of the hat is tight, as otherwise, UV rays will get through. (Even though you are wearing a hat, you still need to wear sunscreen.)

Don’t Bake in the Sun

If you need a tan, fake it, otherwise stay out of the direct sun as far as possible. You will still get reflected sunlight in the shade but it is, nevertheless, an effective way to cut down on sun exposure.


Sunglasses and a hat can reduce exposure to radiation to the eyes by around 98%. Don’t skimp on either.

Overall, you need to just be a little more sun smart in your everyday life – protecting yourself against the sun could be the best health decision you will ever make.