Salisbury Super Sports Makes it Fantastic to be Fit

Indoor Sports is Child’s Play

When visitors enter the Salisbury Super Sports club, they are amazed to see not only adults at play, but also that children of all ages are encouraged to become members of any of the indoor sports that are played in the club.

Nowadays, we hear of children whose most energetic exercise is using their thumbs to tap out their text messages to their friends who are only a few yards away. School children even send text messages to their class mates sitting in desks close behind them. It’s no wonder that the world’s population is becoming more and more unfit and overweight. Gary N says, “As soon as my son is old enough, I am definitely enrolling him in the junior indoor cricket section where he will receive instruction from professional coaches”.

Families are beginning to realise that healthy bodies produce healthy minds. The only way to achieve a healthy body is to eat nutritional foods and to keep to a regular exercise routine.

Playing team sports not only improves a child’s health—it also improves hand-eye co-ordination and, also important, it helps children to communicate with each other. New friends are made and these become old friends over the years. Some children might feel self-conscious at first, but most new members do tend to feel shy for the first couple of visits.

Teenagers might argue that they receive plenty of exercise through their Wii games. But, does this sort of exercise compensate for real outdoor or indoor sports? Playing a competitive sport raises heartbeats and burns up those extra kilojoules that, if allowed to accumulate, will produce almost half a kilogram of fat for every surplus 15,000 kilojoules stored in our bodies. In other words, 3,500 surplus calories not burnt up, is equal to a pound of extra weight. It’s scary, isn’t it?

Team sports for kids (don’t you hate that term, ‘KIDS’?) is an ideal way to get your children in the right frame of mind and to help them put down their cell phones and video games. Otherwise, they will not get any healthy exercise from activities that they perform while sitting down or standing around.

“If girls are not interested in cricket or soccer, they can become members of an indoor netball group or practice volleyball and join a team when they feel that they are good enough”, a team member with two daughters said last week. “While I am playing my sport I am confident that my girls are in good hands and not sitting at home watching movies or playing computer games.”

Young team members of a particular sport soon learn that aiming for a common purpose is a fulfilling experience. Interacting with their peers and building friendships fosters the development of well rounded lifestyles.

A visit to Salisbury Super Sports with your children will be the first step in providing them with the start of a happy and healthy lifestyle, which they will carry into the future. The benefits will be great and your children will remember who gave them encouragement in attaining the healthy body that everyone deserves.