Sean McMaster

sean mcmaster

DOB: 19 Feb 1972

Playing History: Cricket debut: 1996 Beach Volleyball career: 1996-2008 Netball career: 1997-2009 Handball debut: 1999 FOOTi career: 2001-2008

Honours: Super Series/SEQ Beach Volleyball Series 1997-2008 Superleague Cricket 1999-2008 Superleague Netball 2002-2009 Superleague Soccer 2003 Gold Member 2005 Hall of Fame Inductee 2007

Starting at Salisbury as a cricket and beach volleyball single player within a week of moving to Brisbane from NSW, Sean went from player to volleyball referee, to part-time management employee within 12 months of his arrival. Coming on as a full time sports manager in 1998, he was a driving force behind making Salisbury one of the most formidable beach volleyball centres in Queensland, and was responsible for creating the centre’s two unique sports Indoor Handball and FOOTi. After working full-time for over 8 years, Sean retired as a staff member in 2007 but continues to be heavily involved at Salisbury at both in-house and representative level.