Sport : The Great Stress Relief

Physiological Benefits

Endorphins are your friend; they are your reward for getting some exercise, and they make you feel good. When you work up a sweat your body releases the ‘feel good’ hormones – endorphins. The rush of good feeling hormones is often called ‘runners high’ but can be achieved through playing any sport, as long as the blood is moving and you are working up a sweat.

Distract from Your Troubles

Leo Buscaglia was quoted as saying: “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy”. One of the major causes of stress is from ruminating over our troubles, and spending a lot of our waking hours thinking about the things we are worried about. When you are on the court, or preparing for a game the last thing on your mind is worrying, so sport makes a great distraction and gives us somewhere positive to put that powerful thought energy.

Relieves Tension

We know from Chinese medicine that during our regular day as we sit at a desk, move heavy objects, or spend time repeating the same movements over and over, our bodies build up stress and tension in particular areas. These areas hold blocked energy, which if left in place, can lead to disease in the body, which may show up as aches and pains, or illness, over time. Many people visit acupuncturists and have massages to assist the body in releasing this trapped energy, but there are many different ways of doing so.

Exercise is an important way that assists with the release of tension in the muscles, joints and other areas of the body, and is somewhat of an easy tune-up for the body to be conditioned to work at its best. At Salisbury Super Sports we have seen new team players arrive tensely for their first few games, but over time the results speak for themselves and they become different people as the built up tension gradually leaves their bodies and their lives.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

During our day-to-day living, as we go about our business of ‘doing’, unless we are aware of our body, we may become tuned out to what is actually happening in it, as well as how it is feeling. Often this can lead to us not being aware of what it needs at any particular time and we may miss its subtle cues when it wants us to rest, get more sleep, or eat particular foods. If this happens, we may not notice when there is something wrong, until it is too late. Playing a sport helps you to be more in tune with listening to what your body needs at any given time, and will encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices that mean a better quality of living, and a happier life.