No it’s not that game you played in the schoolyard with a tennis ball. Team Handball (also known as ‘European’ or ‘Olympic’ Handball) is considered the second fastest moving sport in the world after Ice Hockey. Resembling a cross between water polo and soccer, this sport is simple to learn but a fun and spectacular game to play.

What is Indoor Handball?

Indoor Handball 2At Salisbury Super Sports we have modified this spectacular game for our indoor courts. We have been playing this amateur-friendly version of Indoor Handball for over 8 years at Salisbury and, as the sport was invented by us, we are still the only venue in Australia it is played. In fact, 2010 marks the 10th anniversary since Salisbury’s Indoor Handball competition began!

If you’ve never seen this version of Handball before, the basics are:

  • 5 players per team including the goalkeeper, and up to 3 subs per match. Because it is a mixed competition, a maximum of 3 guys are allowed on the court at one time.
  • Players move the ball quickly by catching and throwing, and are allowed no more than 3 steps when they have the ball
  • Players score a goal by throwing the ball through the goals from outside the goal-circle
  • 1 point is scored for a regular goal, 2 points for a long shot released from behind the penalty line and an extra bonus point again when goalkeepers score
  • The defensive rules are somewhat similar to basketball, with defenders allowed to dispossess opponents by grabbing or knocking the ball loose but are not allowed to hold, push etc
  • 1-on-1 penalty shots versus the goalkeeper are awarded to players who are fouled while shooting

When can I play Indoor Handball?

Salisbury Super Sports offers Mixed Indoor Handball on Monday evenings

How can I get started?

If you are ready to nominate a team, click here

If you want to play Indoor Handball but can’t get a team together, click here to register your details with us and we’ll get you into a side!

What does it cost?

Indoor Handball 1(1)Team Bond: A team bond equal to one match fee ($75) is payable with any team nomination. This bond is refundable at the end of the season, or can be rolled to the following season if your team renominates again. Teams who leave the competition before the end of the season, or who are removed by management due to unacceptable behaviour, will forfeit their bond.

Match Fees: Teams have two options for paying their match fees…

Pay per match: $75 per team per match. Full fees are always payable, even if a team is short of players.

Match fees pay per season: Teams have the option of paying for the entire season up-front rather than paying each week. Teams who choose this option receive one free Game per season.

Season Format

2 weeks pre-season:  New teams and teams not participating in the finals have the opportunity to play pre-season practice matches that assist management in accurately grading teams for the coming competition.

15 weeks of competition: All teams play a 15 week regular season.

2 week of finals: Teams who qualify after the 15 week regular season participate in the semi and preliminary finals over 2 weeks, still playing on their regular playing night.

Grand Finals: All Grand Finals of all sports and all nights are payed on the Saturday immediately following the last of the preliminary finals.

Please note: Each season commences immediately after the previous one. Teams not participating in the finals will instead play two weeks of pre-season games.


All players must compete in IDENTICAL team uniforms. The Uniform rule applies to tops only. Tops may be of any colour or style, provided ALL team mates wear exactly the same.

Goalkeepers MUST wear a uniform or coloured bib that contrasts with their own team and that of the opposition.

Teams must be in uniform by Round 2 of the regular competition.

Additional Information

Got a question about something not covered here? Contact our friendly team on 07 3277 7055 for any enquiries.

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