Staff Who Play Together, Stay Together

Relationships, we can’t avoid them. We are in relationship with our family, friends, partners, spouses, co-workers and even our pets. The quality of our relationships have a big impact on our personal well-being. The relationships we spend the most time engaged in are going to have the biggest influence on our well being, and sense of self. For most of us, work is where we spend most of every week day and so keeping good relationships with co-workers is not only good for the staff, but also good for the company. There have been many studies done on the benefits of team sports. They demonstrated that people felt much more cohesion as a group, building respect, and trust.

Playing a team sport such as indoor cricket is a great way for staff to get to know each other. People who share a common goal naturally tend to pull together, overcoming differences and building stronger bonds between those on the same team. Indoor cricket has none of the weather constraints and can be played all year round. Games are fast and thrilling and teams can be mixed sexes. Why not consider offering places in the company team as part of the benefits package received by the employees?! It is a relatively low cost effective morale booster. Uniforms that proudly display company logos, team names or perhaps nick names for the players are another great way to bring a team’s spirits up as well as great advertising.

If regular weekly games are not what you are after as your company has too many employees then consider organising multiple teams that play each other in tournaments over a weekend on a quarterly or half yearly basis. Be flexible, that’s another one of the benefits your staff and management will learn as they play together and get to know each other and their strengths.

People reported better relationships with management and supervisors after playing with them in team sport, getting to know each other on a friendly personal level helped them to be more aware of their similarities rather than feeling like they were unapproachable. On an individual level, staff who take part in team sports reap the fruits of greater health and fitness which in turn lowers stress levels and makes them better employees. In short, it helps people feel happy, healthy and connected with others. Could your company do with its own indoor cricket team? Why not give it a try, form your staff team today and see for yourself.