Take Time Out with Rebound Volleyball

Taking time out for yourself in this day and age is not always that easy but it is necessary to help lower stress levels and unwind after a hard days work. What better way to get unstressed then a good work out or playing a sport that you love. One such sport that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping and give you a good workout is rebound volleyball. What better way to lower the stress levels, it is a lot of fun and is a good way to work off the stress. So, what is rebound volleyball and how can it benefit you?

Rebound volleyball is the latest in indoor sports and is played across the width of an indoor cricket court which is four metres wider then a normal volleyball court. The baseline is marked approximately seven metres back making it a unique, rectangular court. Because of the width of the court, players are allowed to play the ball off the court’s side nets which makes for a fantastic and fun workout.

Some of the restrictions include a line marked around the side netting that the ball is not allowed to touch. The other restriction is that the ball can only touch the top of the ceiling net on the first hit. Though players can still stand in any position on the court the same rule of rotating the serving order of the team, which is the same as normal volley ball.

This active, fun filled game is sure to get the heart and blood pumping. So what benefits aside from the obvious fitness ones are there? A study into depression has shown that exercise can benefit sufferers and in most cases completely cure symptoms of depression, depending on the severity. Exercising releases endorphins otherwise known as your “happy centre” which helps you to feel happy and relaxed. Stress levels are lowered through exercise and with a proper dietary intake, you can be healthy and happy.

Let’s face it, exercise does not have to have to be boring or hard, these days there are many different forms of exercise and most of them are fun and exciting. Anything from zumba to swimming can be beneficial and fun. Life in the fast lane for most of us means that we have to find time for exercise and fun activities, finding the time is definitely necessary to help lower your stress levels and what better way to do that then by playing a great game like rebound volleyball on an indoor cricket court!