The Fast and Furious New Game in Town

Mention the term “handball” and most of us will immediately envision the game we played at school during lunch breaks. It was simple, it didn’t need any special equipment, and the rules were easy. It brings back fond memories, and is often the cause of sprains and strains in adults who try to relive their childhood after a few ales at a backyard barbeque.

Indoor Handball Growing Every Season

The fast paced handball scorching the courts at Salisbury Super Sports bears no resemblance to our childhood game. However it is gaining popularity at a rapid rate so there must be something about it that is drawing the participants. More commonly called European or Olympic handball it is no game for the slow or steady, being compared to ice hockey in terms of its speed of play.

Imagine for a moment a game that has elements of water polo (without the water) and soccer, put them together, adapt the rules for the indoor arena and you have Indoor Handball. Playing is fun and frantic, and the moves required to get from one end of the court to the other and to score, are spectacular. We are not at all modest when we say that we invented this form of the game to suit our indoor courts and after 8 years, it is ready to take on the world.

Competition Information

Our amateur competition runs over a 15 week season with a further 2 weeks available pre-season for new teams and teams not taking part in the finals to practice and be graded. We run two weeks of finals for teams who qualify, and a further grand final played on the Saturday immediately following the last of the preliminary finals.

If you would like to nominate a team you will need 5 players plus the goalkeeper and up to 3 subs per match. Because it is a mixed competition, a maximum of 3 males are permitted on the court at any one time. The ball is advanced by being quickly thrown and caught, and no more than 3 steps can be taken once a player has the ball. Some of the defensive rules are similar to basketball so players can grab or knock the ball loose, but not push them over or hold onto them.

A refundable team bond of $75 is paid at the beginning of each season, and match fees are $75 per team per game. Teams can pay per match but if they choose to pay for the whole season in advance, they get a 7.5% discount. Meet new people, get fit and have fun for a few dollars a week.