The Right Way to Lose Weight Permanently

Erma Bombeck once said, “I have been on a constant diet for the last two decades. I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. By all accounts, I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.” The very fact that Erma was not a reed thin should illustrate the inherent failure associated with fad diets. All of us have, at one time or another tried a crash diet. Every year we are bombarded with more new diets and funky exercise machines that promise that we can lose weight practically overnight with little effort. How much money have you spent on these miracle cures?

The truth be told, there is no overnight cure for being overweight. Did it take you two weeks to gain 15 kilograms or did the weight just creep up on you. I will bet it crept up on you, didn’t it? Weight is sneaky that way. One week your jeans fit, then they shrink in the wash and then they won’t zip up at all. The only sure-fire cure for being overweight is to eat properly and exercise. Remember what your PT tried to drum into you during those hard workout sessions? Personal trainers want you to exercise, come rain or shine because exercise keeps your body in shape. Your body was not designed to lead such a sedentary lifestyle. Just like a sports car that is not put through its paces often, your body becomes sluggish if you do not use it.

Everyone thinks of exercise as drudgery but it does not need to be. It just takes half an hour a day of regular exercise to keep your body in shape. (No, just doing five minutes on the latest machine is not going to help.) Exercise should not be boring and no pain is your ultimate gain here. Exercise should be fun so that you keep coming back for more. You do want to push yourself so some stiffness is necessary but if you are really aching after exercise, you should tone it down a notch. Regular exercise is more important when it comes to weight-loss than irregular marathon sessions. With all the options available to you, there is no excuse left – even the weather can be overcome by utilising indoor sports centres.

No exercise plan would be complete without a good eating plan. You would not put water in your petrol tank and expect your car to run would you? In the same way, you have to fuel your body properly if you want it to run at full tilt. You know this one by heart, I’m sure. Eat a balanced diet, steer clear of junk food and eat your fruit and veggies to lose weight permanently. Weight loss is more about changing your overall lifestyle than anything else.