Time to Hit the Bottle

No one who has suffered with dehydration will be in any rush to go through it again. At best, you feel disorientated and can get a major headache; at worst, you could end up in hospital or even dead. Fortunately, however, dehydration is easy to avoid.

Play Hard – Drink More

Whether you play sports outside or partake in indoor sports, you need to pay special attention to keeping hydrated. It can be easy to forget about hydration, during the thrill of a game of cricket, but your body will suffer if you ignore this basic need.

Tips to Help you Stay Hydrated

The best liquid to use to hydrate yourself is water – drink it as plain as you can manage and make sure that it is not too cold. If water is very cold, you are more likely to drink less of it.

Plain water, however, is not for everyone. As a back-up, you can use flavoured water. Buy it ready-made or flavour it yourself by adding pieces of chopped up fruit or lemon-juice. Adding mint can also help to disguise the bland flavour.

If this is still too bland, you will probably consider sodas – not a good idea at all. Sodas tend to contain too much sugar, and in some cases, caffeine. Both these ingredients tend to have a dehydrating effect.

An alternative to drinking water is to eat fruit and vegetables and is something to consider if you cannot stand the taste of plain water. Choose fruits and vegetables that are very juicy for the best results and you can’t go wrong. They provide you with a healthy, hydrating snack between meals.

Sometimes, however, it is more a case of forgetting to hydrate than actually disliking water. If this is you, try to get into the habit of drinking water with every snack. Alternatively, keep a bottle full of water with you while playing and make it your goal to finish that bottle before you leave. A good drink of water between rounds is all that’s needed.

It is important to set up a schedule for drinking water – by the time you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Set up a plan so that you drink water throughout the day until it becomes second nature and you never have to worry about dehydration again.

Whether you play hard or not, hydration is vital to ensure that you stay healthy. Subjecting your body to regular bouts of dehydration can lead to serious and irreversible damage. It is simply not worth it. For more tips about indoor sports, click here.