Tony Villani

tony villani

DOB: 15 Sep 1955

Playing History: Cricket debut: 1983

Honours: Superleague Cricket debut 2000 Gold Member 2004 Zone Masters representative 2002 Hall of Fame Inductee 2006. 1996 World Masters Indoor Mens cricket representative

One of Salisbury’s most respected cricketers, Tony has been leaving spectators astounded by his acrobatic fielding style for years. Tony is now in his 50s, is well into his third decade playing at Salisbury and has led one of Salisbury’s most enduring A-Grade teams ‘Head Hunters’ since 2004, but retirement seems to be the furtherest thing from his mind. With boundless energy and a complete disregard for self-preservation, he continues to match it with the best Salisbury has to offer and remains a respected member amongst both the in-house and representative ranks of Salisbury’s elite.