What Should You Drink To Hydrate When Exercising

With the introduction of sports drinks on the market the debate over which is better, water or sports drinks, has started. Water was the only option for many years and therefore accepted as the best option. Now, with sports drinks available many say that these are far better to drink during exercise than water ever was.

When participants are playing on our courts at Salisbury Super Sports we want everyone to ensure that they are keeping hydrated. Whether you choose water or sports drinks is entirely up to you but here is some brief information on each and why you should be drinking plenty of fluid during sport.

Why replace fluids

During exercise the body loses fluid more than the rate it usually does. When you are exercising intensely—playing indoor soccer, for example, more water is lost. You lose even more fluid again when it is hot as you will sweat more.

When excess fluid is lost and not replaced during sport, participants can feel dizzy, become fatigued and get cramps. A worst case scenario is heat stroke or exhaustion, which is even less pleasant than it sounds.

What’s so good about water?

Although we highly doubt anyone would ask the question, “What’s so good about water?” we will tell you. The majority of our bodies as you may already know are made up mostly of water; we need water to survive.

We believe the best drink to be consumed before, during and after sport is clean filtered water. Water is absorbed by the body easily and is free of flavours, sugar and additives that some believe are potentially harmful to our bodies.

Are there benefits to sports drinks?

There are some benefits to be had from sports drinks. To begin with, because sports drinks are flavoured, some people may be inclined to drink more than they would water. This at least means they are replacing lost fluid.

Sports drinks are able to replace electrolytes, which are lost through exercise and also contain carbohydrates that are great for replacing lost energy.

Keep fluids close by

Whether you choose to drink water or sports drinks when playing indoor sports at Salisbury Super Sports, remember to keep them close by. If you are thirsty your body is already dehydrated so keep up the intake of fluid.

At the end of the day the important thing is that you are replacing your fluids and playing safe.